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Basic types of goods manufactured by the Company:

1. Woodworking goods: chairs, cabinets, beds, sawn goods, woodwork etc.

2. Metal working goods: coupling, ropes, automatic coupling ??-1horse’s collars, stabilizer shaft, railway goods, sledges, hand baggage trolley, wire netting “rabitsa”, rotary circle etc.

3. Garments:
heated jacket, cotton costume, mattress cover, bed sheet, pillow case, man shirt, dressing gown, mittens, shoes etc.;

4. Other goods: vegetable containers, slag stones, vegetable string bags etc.;

5. Food goods: bread, macaroni, pearl barley etc.

The company consists of three main workshops: metal working shop, woodworking shop, clothing segment, subsidiary segments, garage, engineering and accounting departments.

The company has welding section for 10 posts, including welding in the surroundings of protective gases and contact welding, two sections for application powder polymeric coatings, galvanic section for zink plating, phosphor plating, chemical oxidation, section of thermal processing with chamber and mine ovens, two machineries of HDTV, two machineries of air-plasma and oxygen cutting.
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Company address:
Republic of Belarus, 211381, Orsha town, Smolenskaya str., 2