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Full name of the Company:

Republican Unitary Industrial Enterprise "IK 12-VAL" of the Department of the Interior Ministry orders execution of the Republic of Belarus.

Being the enterprise of penal and executive system, this enterprise possesses a special legal status. This enterprise is managed by the General Manager. Enterprise location: Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk area, Orsha town, Smolenskaya str., 2.
RUP “IK 12-VAL” of the Department of the Interior Ministry orders execution of the Republic of Belarus specializes in output of goods of metal working, woodworking as well as in production of garments.

The company above works in cooperation with Minsk automobile factory, Minsk tractor factory, State firm “LIEUS” (Destiny), Unitary Enterprise “Belzheldorsnab” and many others.

Basic types of goods manufactured by the Company:

1. Woodworking goods: chairs, cabinets, beds, sawn goods, woodwork etc.

2. Metal working goods: coupling, ropes, horse’s collars, stabilizer shaft, railway goods, sledges, hand baggage trolley, wire netting “rabitsa”, rotary circle etc.
3. Garments: heated jacket, cotton costume, mattress cover, bed sheet, pillow case, man shirt, dressing gown, mittens, shoes etc.;

4. Other goods: vegetable containers, slag stones, vegetable string bags etc.;

5. Food goods: bread, macaroni, pearl barley etc.

The company consists of three main workshops: metal working shop, woodworking shop, clothing segment, subsidiary segments, garage, engineering and accounting departments. The company has welding section for 10 posts, including welding in the surroundings of protective gases and contact welding, two sections for application powder polymeric coatings, galvanic section for zink plating, phosphor plating, chemical oxidation, section of thermal processing with chamber and mine ovens, two machineries of HDTV, two machineries of air-plasma and oxygen cutting.

List of metal-cutting equipment being available at RUP “IK 12-VAL” of Orsha town:

• turning multipurpose lathe 1К62, 16К20;
• turning-rotary machine 1512, 1516;
• turning nosepiece automatic and semi-automatic machines 1А124, 1Б125, 1Б140, 1Г340 etc;
• drilling upright and radial-drilling machines;
• polishing machines 3Е124, 3А130, 3К227,3Б711, 3П722В, 3М151;
• spline-milling machines 5350;
• across and upright milling multipurpose machines;
• long-drawn-out horizontal and vertical machines;
• crank-type presses up to 160 tons;
• strip timber machines РРК-175Т.
• hydraulic plate bending press WC67Y-125/3200
The company has preferences provided for companies of penal and executive system.

The Company exports automatic coupling device СА-1 Н 110.000-01 and spare parts for auto MAZ to the Russian Federation and Republic of Tatarstan.

RUP “IK 12-VAL” took part in the trade exhibition “FURNITURE 2010”, organized in the exhibition center BELEXPO in Minsk city.
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Company address:
Republic of Belarus, 211381, Orsha town, Smolenskaya str., 2